Founded in the year 2015 – Alphabet Academy is an initiative of PISP Pvt Ltd., that has been catering to millions of students across the globe in their respective academic needs. As we have worked over the last 5 years in UAE as well through agencies, we understand you and provide uninterrupted support to facilitate you with your projects and assignments leading to excellent grades.

With over 100+ experts from various academic disciplines, our team consists of highly qualified academic professionals from all over the globe to help enthusiastic students with their projects and assignments. Our essays and dissertations had been rated above 4.4 across universities in Kuwait, the UK, and the UAE to assist the students and provide them with professional and pristine service.



Expert team

Our expert team is always there to provide you with state-of-the-art writing services that would be beyond your expectations.

researches & reports

We do understand the significance of research before writing on any topic and our research report is informative and based on first-hand verifiable information.


professional support

You will get all sorts of professional support from us regarding anything related to any kind of writing.

Disclaimer Notice

The academic projects and assignments prepared by Alphabet Academy serve as a model and sample papers for the students and are not to be submitted for any academic purposes as it is. Our Services are intended to be used for reference and research purposes only to help the students achieve good grades in their courses. Alphabet Academy is not liable or responsible if any student submits the same to their Colleges or Universities.

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