It seems that a reflective essay is very easy to write until you sit down to write it. Once they start writing, then only the students approach us for reflective essay writing services in the UK. As we are a trustworthy name in providing academic assistance to students, we have decided to write about a few common mistakes that one should avoid while writing a reflective essay.  

The primary objective of this type of writing is to reflect on an individual experience. It has to be a critical examination. In layman’s terms, you can say that it is almost like a diary entry. As it isn’t like a diary page, other people will read the essay. 

You are free to allow your stream of consciousness to flow in a private diary. However, you should adhere to a coherent structure while writing a reflective essay

It is quite time-consuming to hone your writing skills. You would be glad to know that if you do a bit of research now, then it can help you minimize the number of edits and rewrites that are required later. The following list reveals the commonest mistakes that you need to avoid whenever you write a reflective essay. 

  1. Lack of Structure or Organization 

Structure and organization are very much important while writing a reflective essay. You may have to describe events or share thoughts to prepare the reader mentally for what comes next. If you do this in the wrong order, then it can be confusing. 

You need to ensure that everything is so well organized, that the reader remains engaged, and there is a very smooth and natural flow. Your writing must have a clear direction to accomplish your goal. 

  1. Start Writing Without Any Plan 

Your reflective essay requires a plan. You need to take some time to brainstorm subjects. The primary focus should be writing something interesting and original. It is better to approach the process like traveling to a new place. Nowadays, it is most unlikely that you would ever go to some new place without directions or GPS to guide you. Your plan will serve the purpose of your directions. They will help you remain focussed on-topic. That will help you arrive at your destination. 

  1. Not Providing the Right Details 

A reflective essay must provide details. The aim will be to pull the reader in. You have to provide sufficient information to make it interesting. But the details have to be relevant to the story or idea. Whenever you share too many irrelevant and unrelated details, the reader will lose interest. Your words will begin deviating from the subject and your experience could be lost in a sea of exaggerated information. 

If a detail seems excessive, then it is possibly best to cut it from the writing. You only need to have enough there to illustrate events in a specific, clear, and interesting way. 

  1. Making the Essay Sound Nonspecific 

Your reflective essay has to sound original. Whenever you apply generic words, phrases, and ideas, then will hardly grab the attention of the reader. Write something that is authentically yours by providing it with a personal touch to make it interesting. 

What that touch will be in particular, will vary. However, it should speak to your experience and what it means to you. This is also an amazing method to provide your writing with a human element to establish a connection with the reader. 

  1. Failure to Write for the Reader 

You need to consider your audience before you begin writing. You need to understand their education level. Refrain from using words and phrases that they will not understand. You shouldn’t stuff big words into your writing only for the sake of having them there. Write in a language that’s comprehensible for a layman. Your audience shouldn’t struggle to understand what you are trying to say. If they repeatedly have to look up words, then it will break up the flow and make them less inclined to complete reading. 


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