Hey there students! Welcome to another informative blog from us. We’ll give you some advice in this post on how to polish your work and make it shine like a diamond! As a team providing essay writing services, we’ve got your back! Let’s explore and find out the top essay writing mistakes to steer clear of when crafting your own. 

1. Skipping the Planning Stage:  

Just like a road trip needs a map, your essay needs a plan! Spend some time coming up with ideas and making an outline before you start writing. This will help you stay on track and organize your thoughts coherently. 

2. Forgetting to Read the Question:  

Oops! Don’t write a whole essay on the wrong topic! Spend some time making sure you understand the question of the essay and what it is asking of you. Highlight the key points to keep your focus sharp. Our academic essay writing service ensures that students don’t lose their focus. 

3. Neglecting Research is a Major Essay Writing Mistake:  

Writing without research is like baking a cake without ingredients. You need facts and evidence to support your arguments. Use reliable sources and cite them properly to avoid plagiarism. 

4. Overcomplicating Language:  

Your essay isn’t a Shakespearean play! Keep your language clear and straightforward. Fancy words won’t impress if they confuse your reader. While providing essay writing help, we always advise our students to be concise and get to the point. 

5. Run-on Sentences and Paragraphs:  

Long, never-ending sentences and paragraphs are like a maze! Break them up into smaller, digestible chunks to make your essay easier to read. 

6. Ignoring Essay Structure:  

Your essay needs a strong backbone! Stick to the classic structure – introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Each paragraph should focus on one main idea. While providing any custom essay writing service in the UK, we always ensure that no one ignores the structure. 

7. Cramming in Too Much Info:  

Think of your essay like a pizza – you can’t fit everything in one slice! Stay focused on the main points and don’t overload your essay with unnecessary details. 

8. Not Editing Your Work:  

Spelling mistakes and grammar errors can turn your A-grade essay into a hot mess! Take some time editing and proofreading your work. You can also ask a friend or use an essay editing service to give it a fresh pair of eyes. Yet if you find it difficult, our essay editing service will be helpful for you. 

9. Copying from the Internet:  

Plagiarism is a big no-no! Always use your own words while writing and give credit to the original writers of any ideas you borrow. If you need help, reach out to custom essay writing services providers who guarantee 100% unique content. 

10. Using Too Many Quotes:  

Quoting is like adding spices to your essay – a little goes a long way! While quotes can add credibility to your arguments, using too many of them can drown out your voice. Use quotes strategically and make sure they enhance your ideas. 

11. Ignoring Feedback:  

Feedback is your secret weapon to improving your essay writing skills! Don’t shy away from seeking feedback from teachers or peers. Helping students with our essay writing services in the UK, we suggest that you should embrace constructive criticism and use it to fine-tune your essays. 

12. Ignoring the Conclusion:  

Don’t leave your essay hanging like a cliffhanger! Wrap it up with a strong conclusion that summarizes your main points and leaves a lasting impression. 

Example 1:  

Suppose you are writing an essay on climate change. If you don’t plan your points and just start writing, your essay might end up like a melting iceberg – all over the place! 

Example 2:  

Consider yourself writing an essay about your favourite book. If you forget to read the essay question and focus on the wrong aspect of the book, it’s like talking about the cover instead of the story! 


Avoiding these common essay writing mistakes will help you create a stellar piece of work that shines bright and gets you the grades you deserve. Remember to plan, research, and edit your essay, and never be afraid to seek essay writing help from our affordable essay writing service in the UK. Happy writing!  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Q1: Can I use informal language in my essay?  

A: It’s best to stick to formal language in academic essays. Avoid slang or colloquial expressions and aim for a professional tone. 

Q2: How do I avoid plagiarism in my essay?  

A: To avoid plagiarism, always cite your sources properly and use quotation marks when directly quoting someone else’s words. 

Q3: Should I write my introduction first or last? 

A: It’s a personal preference! Some writers find it helpful to write the introduction last, once they have a clear idea of their main points. 

Q4: Can I use the same essay for different assignments?  

A: It’s not recommended. Each assignment usually has specific requirements, so tailor your essay to match the given guidelines.