We often come across people who feel surprised to know that essays have much in common with creative writing. As the name suggests, creative writing is all about being creative. You need to make things up and allow your imagination to run wild.

Essays being factual and objective, we ensure through our essay writing services that one can communicate ideas and arguments in the clearest way possible. We emphasize enhancing the reader’s knowledge, instead of their imagination.

Both essay writing, as well as colorful tales, are associated with creative writing. After all, both are meant to be read by other people. So, they must sustain the reader’s interest.

There are writing techniques to borrow from creative writing to make your essays more engaging and realistic. In this article, we will guide you accordingly.

  1. Focus on Your Reader

Possibilities are that your teacher or examiner will have a lot to read. So, they should feel interested to read what you have written. Don’t make your writing boring and monotonous. As writing is all about holding the reader’s interest, your readers should be able to learn some lessons from it. There are techniques that you can apply within the more limited style constraints of the academic essay. We will help you to know what these are.

  1. Apply Three-act Structure

The three-act structure is a writing device that is widely used in contemporary writing, including for plays. It is a structure that refers to a plotline resembling something like the following:

  1. Set-up to establish the characters, the way they are interrelated, and the world they inhabit. Within this first act, an inciting incident occurs involving the central character. While dealing with it, another dramatic incident occurs. It is called a turning point to set the scene for the rest of the story.
  2. Confrontation as the turning point in the previous act becomes the central problem. The main protagonist tries to resolve, usually with a lot of challenges to jeopardize their efforts.
  3. Resolution in the climax of the story, in which the drama reaches a peak. The characters solve the problem and tie up the loose ends.

For essay writing, the main similarities here are:

  • The central argument of your essay is like the main protagonist.
  • The equivalent of the set-up and resolution, the essay is like the introduction and conclusion.
  • There has to be an inciting incident in an essay to get to the point early on.
  • Like character development in the second act, you need to develop your argument.
  • The evidence you refer to in your essay is the equivalent of the supporting characters.
  • Set-up is the introduction to establish what you’re writing about. Set the scene.
  • Confrontation lets you discuss the various problems surrounding the topic you’re writing about. Develop the argument using various bits of evidence for an overall conclusion.
  • Resolution is the conclusion. You summarise and resolve the argument with your opinion.

Applying this structure keeps you focused on the central point. This way we stop you from being inconclusive as whatever you write should work towards resolving your argument.

  1. An Introduction to Garner Attention

We always encourage you to use an attention-grabbing opening. A remarkable way of doing this is beginning with a flashback to disrupt the chronology of events by directly transporting the reader back to the midst of the action. This will ensure that the write-up begins with maximum excitement.

You must have read murder mysteries. The most successful ones avoid a slow build-up. Rather they use the murder itself to form the introduction of the story. The rest of the story is all about the efforts of the detective to find the culprit with evidence. You need to apply the same principle while writing essays.

We have observed that students are scoring points for their originality and gaining appreciation.

  1. Interesting Details Regarding the Backdrop

A remarkable method to keep your reader engaged is to give life to your essay with details about setting and location. Our creative writers exactly do the same.

Essays may seem dull if you exclusively focus on academic problems. However, you can make them more interesting by furnishing details.

This may not be effective for a scientific essay. However, it is quite relevant for the humanities subjects, especially history English literature, and archaeology.
Incidental details can be more significant than you initially realise. We encourage you to use them for building your argument. this way you can bring your essay to life, and make it interesting as well.

  1. Extended Metaphors

Our creative writing often makes use of extended metaphors. Instead of trying to explain a complex concept more easily, it might be easier to use an analogy. This will let you convey the meaning by drawing comparisons. People find it easier to understand. A metaphor, being a kind of analogy, the similarities with creative writing are quite strong.

An example of an analogy is “Life is like a box of chocolates—you never know what you’re going to get.  

  1. Editing

Even our best writers get it right the first time. Once you write the first draft, read through it and analyze if the order of your points is optimal. Find out if what you’ve makes any sense or not.

Once you complete editing, read it for the last time to check that you’re satisfied with your choice of words. Proofreading ensures that your spelling and grammar are flawless.

  1. Record Your Ideas

Maintaining a notebook helps you gather good ideas once they come to you.

The best creative writers always carry a notebook with them. Even our writers are always ready to jot down any ideas that come to their minds all of a sudden.

Follow the same policy for your essay writing, as you never know when the inspiration might strike. Ponder about your essay topic while you’re possibly vacationing. You will be surprised that you get many ideas once you are away from your study room.

So, we have established that there are more similarities between two unrelated kinds of writing than you might have realised. You can go too far with the creative writing idea when you’re essay-writing.   As we are into essay writing in the UK, we can assertively state that your essay needs to retain objectivity and comply with the more formal conventions of academic writing. Get in touch for any kind of academic assistance.